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Merrett Plumbing Installations have been delivering the highest quality industrial plumbing installations to customers across Melbourne and surrounding rural areas for over 25 years.

We are committed to providing our customers with the safest, most reliable and innovative solution to any industrial plumbing issue they may have and offer an end-to-end industrial plumbing service that includes:

  • planning and designing systems to client requirements
  • installation of new systems
  • upgrading existing systems
  • providing maintenance services for new or existing systems

Our team is made up of qualified and highly skilled industrial plumbing professionals who are continually undergoing professional development to maintain the high standard of work that our clients associate with the name Merrett Plumbing Installations.

We value safety both of our clients and their property as well as our own, therefore we have implemented our own OH&S Safety Management Systems, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) documentation, and utilise these to assess our working conditions and procedures.

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Secure on-site housing for pumps, chemicals and analysers.

Designed and built to your specifications with your preferred brand of equipment.

Rookie Sidekick Portable Hose Roller

The Rookie Sidekick is the most versatile motorised lay flat hose roller ever made.

This unit is fully portable and includes tow bar hitch adaptor for vehicle mount.