A proven, cost effective risk management solution.

The Rookie Sidekick is the most versatile motorised lay flat hose roller ever made.

This unit is fully portable and includes tow bar hitch adaptor for vehicle mount.

The all in one model will roll hoses from 50mm to 185mm wide and up to 30 metres in length with ease.

Air and water are removed from the hose in a 30 second rolling process resulting in a tight hose roll, reducing hose weight and diameter.

Injury statistics show that muscle and back injuries (primarily strains & sprains) accounted for 48.8% of fire fighter injuries in 2002, according to NIST research. Overexertion was a primary cause for muscle injuries many which involved the back.

The Rookie Sidekick allows all personnel to manage industrial hoses quickly easily and safely whilst reducing risk of work place injury.

Our hose rolling systems are ergonomically engineered to reduce the risk of back injury, strain and sprains – reducing health related costs and insurance claims.

The Rookie sidedkick is a vital piece of equipment for workplaces that deals with heavy lay flat industrial hoses. This equipment is changing the way industrial, farming and fire fighting organizations manage their business.

Rookie Sidekick


Minimize bending and lifting with our ergonomic design.
Reduce the result of back injuries.
Reduce workers compensation claims.


Reduce hose rolling time by up to 50%.
Reduce hose testing costs.
Pays for itself quickly.


Engineered for repetitive use.
Simple to use.
Requires minimal maintenance.


Can mount on tow bar hitch via hitch adapter or used in conjunction with purpose built trolley for hose rolling.
Also easily mounted on ATV.
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If the Rookie Sidekick prevents just one back injury, it has paid for itself.

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